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Indeed it has been a great time for this country after it has just finished hosting the 16th Commonwealth Games, the second largest multi-sport event in the world. Fondly remembered as KL Games 98 (KL98), shouts of 'Malaysia Boleh!' (Malaysia can!) can be heard over and over again over the various venues the events were held. There were doubts inside and outside the country about Malaysia's ability to host the games in the wake of economic turmoil enveloping us, water supply problems, and the nagging worry that the haze which covered much of Southeast Asia around July 1997 will return with even greater force this year. The turmoil is still with us, but the water problems was solved around the end of August thanks to La Nina and only slight haze was seen in Kuala Lumpur.

Early September we saw the announcement by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on wide ranging capital controls (a copy can be found here) on 1 September 1998 followed by Bank Negara's move to peg the ringgit at RM3.80 to the US Dollar a day later. Also happening was the controversial removal of Anwar Ibrahim from his posts as deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia on the same day. This month was the start of many matters which has now engulfed the nation, some information of which can be found at this site and numerous others.

With all this happening at such a crucial time many had thought KL98 would not be successful. Many had predicted that although tickets for the opening ceremony was nearly sold out, the stadium would be very much empty due to fear of possible unrest. I am highly thankful to God that the background of problems did not affect KL98 an any way and that these fears was proved wrong. Malaysia had a pretty good outing, finishing fourth on the medal table with 10 gold medals, 5 times more than the highest number ever achieved in any previous Commonwealth Games.

Kuala Lumpur 98 was truly a memorable event for all Malaysians. Young and old, rich and poor, city and rural Malaysians all certainly felt some impact which no doubt had a unifying force in every Malaysian heart. Like the name of the theme song 'Together as One', I pray this force will stay with us in these trying times.

Ong Joon Kian
Kuala Lumpur, 28 September 1998

KL98 Promotion Song

Let's Make It Great

The nations took a vote
And now the World takes note
That we won. Yes, we won!
We made a bid and we did it
Malaysia will host the Games
The sixteenth Commonwealth Games
Kuala Lumpur 1998

And now Malaysia
Comes the real test
Rise up Malaysia
Run with all your zest
To make Kuala Lumpur 98
The best ever Games of all time!

Let's show the World
What you're made of
Let's show the World
Let's make it great
When they come from near and afar
When the best ever Games begin
Malaysia, you'll be the Star!

KL98 Theme Song

Together as One

In this moment of truth
We've learnt to give
Just like a bird
Flying so free
Learning to love
Learning to give
With all the people
In peace we believe
They'll be singing in praise
For this moment of grace
Shines a flame that will burn
With the spirit of love

Let's join our hands
The time has come
The world should see
We're together as one
Let us believe
In you and me
Then forever we'll be as one

As we stand
Side by side
I'll be your strength
As you'll be mine
As we reach for the flame
Let all the people
Remember our name
They'll be singing in praise
For this moment of grace
Shines a flame that will burn
With the spirit of love

Let's join our hands
The time has come
The world should see
We're together as one
Let us believe
In you and me
Then forever we'll be as one

Malaysian Medal Winners at KL98

GOLD (10)

1. Kenny Ang/Ben Heng (Bowling: Men's doubles)

2. Kenny Ang (Bowling: Men's singles)

3. Nurul Hudda Baharin (Shooting: Women's individual air rifle)

4. Muhamad Hidayat Hamidon (Weightlifting: Clean & jerk up to 69kg)

5. Yong Hock Kin/Wong Choong Hann/Cheah Soon Kit/Yap Kim Hock/Lee Wan Wah/Choong Tan Fook/Ong Ewe Hock (Badminton: Men's team)

6. Carolyn Au-Yong/El Regina Tajudin/Sarina Sundara Rajah/Thye Chee Kiat (Rhythmic gymnastics: team)

7. Sapok Biki (Boxing: 48kg)

8. Wong Choon Hann (Badminton: Men's singles)

9. Choong Tan Fook/Lee Wan Wah (Badminton: Men's doubles)

10. G. Saravanan (Athletics: Men's 50km road walk)


1. Law Pei Pei/Ng Mee Fen/Lim Pek Siah/Chor Hooi Yee/Joanne Quay/Norashikin Amin/Woon Sze Mei (Badminton: Women's team)

2. Lim Pek Siah/Chor Hooi Yee (Badminton: Women's doubles)

3. Yong Hock Kin (Badminton: Men's singles)

4. Cheah Soon Kit/Yap Kim Hock (Badminton: Men's doubles)

5. Lai Kin Ngoh/Shalin Zulkifli (Bowling: Women's doubles)

6. Nor Effandy Rosli (Cycling: Men's 184km road race mass start)

7. Muhamad Hidayat Hamidon (Weightlifting: 69kg combined)

8. Thye Chee Kiat (Gymnastics: Hoop individual)

9. Saedah Abdul Rahim (Lawn Bowls: Women's singles)

10. Zainal Abidin Md Zain (Shooting: Men's individual fullbore rifle open)

11. Mutalip Abdul Razak/Mohamed Emran Zakaria (Shooting: Men's pairs air rifle)

12. Mohamed Zakaria (Shooting: Men's individual air rifle)

13. Bibiana Ng Pei Chin (Shooting: Women's individual sport pistol)

14. Hockey (Men's team)


1. Lai Kin Ngoh (Bowling: Women's singles)

2. Adnan Yusoh (Boxing: Men's 54kg)

3. Thye Chee Kiat (Gynnastics: Rope individual)

4. Carolyn Au Yong (Gymnastics: Ribbon individual)

5. Nor Azwa Mohamed Di/Nor Hashimah Ismail/Siti Zalina Ahmad/Haslah Hassan (Lawn Bowls: Women's fours)

6. Mohamed Aziz Maswadi/Mohamed Tazman Tahir (Lawn Bowls: Men's pairs)

7. Bibiana Ng/Norsita Mahmud (Shooting: Women's sport pistol pairs)

8. Kamisah Abdul Jalal/Suraini Othman (Shooting: Women's air pistol pairs)

9. Roslina Bakar (Shooting: Women's individual sport rifle three-position)

10. Matin Guntali (Weightlifting: 56kg snatch)

11. Matin Guntali (Weightlifting: 56kg clean & jerk)

12. Matin Guntali (Weightlifting: 56kg combined)

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